Meet the new GC-Drupal initiative and Government of Canada Design System

Coldfront Labs Hall (8th Floor Event Hall)
Business and Strategy
Robin Galipeau

Get a full introduction of the new GC-Drupal initiative which integrates the upcoming Government of Canada WebComponent-based CDS Design System.

  • Understanding the new Canadian Digital Services (CDS) Design System and WebComponents.

  • How Drupal Core 10.3 now includes support for WebComponent using Single Directory Components (SDC)

  • Get a full demonstration of how to effectively integrate throughout the Drupal eco-system, and some of the challenges.

  • What does this mean for WxT (wet-boew), and how to plan a staged or hybrid transition. 

  • Get a preview of an API-1st Headless (progressive decoupled) sample with NextJS.

This session is ideal if you are from the Government of Canada needing to adopt this mandate, or simply looking to better understand WebComponents principals with any Design System.