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Contributing your expertise is a great opportunity to support the Drupal community and promote your company. Whether you are interested in recruiting talent or building relationships with existing and new clients, you will be able to stand out of the crowd and meet key decision-makers from Canadian corporations and government. This sponsorship will reinforce your brand and grow your team’s skills and your network.



  • Eight year running the event in Ottawa
  • Largest DrupalCamp in Ontario and Eastern Canada
  • Annual attendance of over 200+ individuals and businesses
  • Projected attendance for 2024 is 150+ individuals and businesses
  • Attendees profile: 
    • Developers
    • UX specialists
    • Web designers
    • Content Strategists
    • Marketing/web communications managers from Ottawa corporations and government departments
    • IT and web businesses specialists
  • Over a dozen sponsorships from both local and international firms
  • Attendees from all over North America
  • Past keynotes include Adam Bergstein (, Acquia), Addison Berry (CEO of and Member of Drupal Association Board) Angie Byron (Drupal Core co-maintainer), Dries Buytaert (Drupal Creator/Maintainer), Tom Erickson (CEO, Acquia) and Andrew Hoppin (NY Senate)
  • Previously held at the University of Ottawa
  • Official event from the Ottawa Drupal Association
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