Case study in developing a custom CKEditor 5 Link plugin

9th Floor Classroom
Nikolay Volodin

CKEditor5 is an important aspect of updating to Drupal 10. The Drupal community is actively working on porting plugins provided by contrib modules, however porting custom plugins might result is a large chunk of work. CKEditor5 has introduced a brand-new way on how to approach the plugin development. As the official documentation provides us with a few plugin examples, they don't cover all the needs which may occur on our projects. Both public and private sector companies might have a large content editors team, which makes it necessary to adhere to standardized components across the site. This presentation is based on the experience I gained from working with one of such clients.

From a back-end Drupal developer's perspective, we'll dissect a custom CKEditor5 demoLink plugin. Following through the plugin's code we'll explore its components, see how they interact with each other, as well as identify tricky parts.